This activity has been held  2024

Step into the warmth and engage in activities with the Viking!

The Viking is ready to entertain on two days, Tuesday and Thursday, during the winter break. Learn how to make wax candles and hear about his winter activities.

Our in-house Viking helps children roll a candle in beeswax during the winter break.

Meanwhile, he shares stories about how the Vikings’ winter was influenced by darkness and how ordinary people couldn’t afford wax candles. Instead, they used fat lamps. You can also see some of those.

The Viking is a Jack of All Trades

If you’re lucky, he might show you how to spin wool, perhaps tell a grim tale, or play his homemade and unique Ribe lyre.

Dates 13th & 15th February
Time10.30 am - 1.30 pm
Price40 DKK
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Visit the Winter Market

The Winter Market at the Museum Ribes Vikinger opens on February 10 and offers plenty of delicious and creative unique items until Sunday, February 18.

(Closed on Mondays)

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