Historical Christmas Atmosphere: The Viking’s Winter at the Museum.

Come and visit the Viking, learn to make beeswax candles, and hear about his winter activities.

We decorate the museum for Christmas, so the café is filled with a festive atmosphere, and, of course, our guests can enjoy some delicious treats with their coffee.

On four Saturdays leading up to Christmas, there are children’s activities under the theme “The Viking’s Winter.”

Our house Viking helps the children roll a candle in beeswax. Meanwhile, he tells them about how the Vikings’ winter was marked by darkness and how ordinary people couldn’t afford beeswax candles. Instead, they used fat lamps. You can also see those.

He also shows how to spin wool, tells a grim story, and perhaps you’ll hear the special Ribe lyre.

The practical

Dates25th November, 2nd, 9th and 15th December
Time10.30 am-1.30 pm
Price40 DKK