The Middle Ages and Norse mythology for children

We have kitted out two exciting rooms specially for children. The first is an activities room all about the Middle Ages. The second encourages a closer look at Norse mythology.

Enter the Middle Ages and dive into the exciting world of the Norse gods. Children are welcome to bring their parents!

Dagmar & Valdemar

Through play and physical activities, this hands-on exhibition brings the Middle Ages to life for children and adultsalike.

With Medieval costumes, floral garlands, games, horses and lances, you have everything you need for ‘Let’s play Middle Ages’.

Look after little ‘Valdemar the Younger’ in the queen’s chamber, make wonderful food or mount your steed and join a jousting tournament.


Enjoy a quieter corner as Norse mythology unfolds before your eyes.

Rest in the shadow of Yggdrasil, the tree of life, and explore the fascinating stories of the Norse gods while safely leaning against no less than the Midgard Serpent.

You can complete giant jigsaw puzzles, watch the film about the creation of the world and use runes to write your name. Or what about taking a peek at people’s lives in Midgard using the magic binoculars?