Ribe in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages

Welcome to Ribe Viking Museum, where we retell the story of Ribe from the Viking Age and the Middle Ages up to the year 1700. All at the place where the very first town in the Nordic countries was founded around 700 AD.

The first marketplace at Ribe was established around the year 700. Our exhibitions and experience rooms recall the everyday life of what was then Scandinavia’s greatest trading town. You can also learn about the lives and deaths of ordinary people and their belief in the ancient gods. Here you can examine many beautiful finds and hear the story of how the Viking craftsmen traded, worked and produced these wonderful items.

During the Middle Ages, Ribe was one of Denmark’s most important trading towns with a substantial harbour and trade routesthroughout Europe. The exhibition describes life in medieval, Catholic Ribe from cradle to grave.

Permanent exhibitions about Ribe in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages
Enter the life of the Middle Ages through play and sensory experiences

Summer holiday activity

How did the Vikings dress?

Take a peek into the Vikings’ wardrobe and learn more about how the Vikings dressed. Grab a bingo card from the ticket office and play clothing bingo in the exhibition.

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The Viking Town

Exciting new special exhibition

The history of Scandinavia’s oldest trading town has been rewritten following new knowledge gained from a major excavation in the heart of the ‘emporium’ –the 8th and 9th century trading post at Ribe.The excavation has not only uncovered many fantastic finds but also provided new knowledge, shedding light on Ribe’s earliest history and the beginnings of the Viking Age.

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Tickets and prices

Free admission for children and youth under the age of 18. We also offer group tickets and tickets for five museums in five days. Tickets can be purchased in the museum shop.

Tickets and prices

Exciting rooms specially for children

Relive life in the Middle Ages and learn about the extraordinary Norse gods through play and sensory experiences. Children are welcome to bring their parents!

Play and learning for children (and parents)

Plan your visit to Ribe’s Vikings

Look forward to visiting Ribe Viking Museum. The story of Ribe during the Viking Age and the Middle Ages is the story of everyday life in Scandinavia’s most important trading town.

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Guided tours

Our knowledgeable guides and researcherslook forward to taking you on a journey through Viking-age and medieval Ribe. Several options are available and we are more than happy to put together a programme just for you.

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In our friendly shop you will find applied arts with a historic twist, books, posters, hand-dipped candles, mineral soaps and a myriad of fun little knick-knacks.

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