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The Museum Shop

Find exciting books, Nordic applied arts and quirky bits and bobs in our friendly shop.

We sell applied arts with a historic twist, books, posters, hand-dipped candles, mineral soaps and a myriad of fun little knick-knacks. Our shelves are also stocked with mead and other delicious items. Here it is easy to find the perfect little gift for a hostess or an informal reception.

Make your own amulet with 17th century protective magic

Protection against evil spirits and headaches? An end to quarrels and drunkenness? Or what about increased lovemaking and wisdom? Mix your own protective amulet of dandelion, nails, wormwood, moonstone, amethyst, birch leaves and much more. Captured in a stylish little glass flask, wear your mixture around your neck on a leather cord or place it surreptitiously where it will do most good.