Museet Ribes Vikingers shop

We have wide selection of books and postcards, jewellery reproductions and other items related to the period between 700 and 1700. Entry to the museum shop is free in the museum’s normal opening hours, so come in and be inspired by the numerous great gift ideas.

Whether you prefer jewellery, handicrafts, books, mead or colourful toys, there will be something to tempt you in Ribe Viking Museum’s large museum shop.

With the theme of the Viking period and the Middle Ages in mind, the museum staff have put together an extensive selection of exciting and unusual products so that you can take the perfect souvenir home with you.

The shop is also full of books about the Viking period, the Middle Ages and Ribe’s rich history.

Medieval Ribe
Episcopal residence and a trading centre
With the Cathedral at its core, medieval Ribe flourished as an Episcopal residence and a trading centre.