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How Did the Vikings Dress?

Did Vikings have horns on their helmets? Did they wear animal skins? What did their clothing actually look like?

As the saying goes, “Clothes make the man,” but what kind of clothes did the Danish Vikings wear?

This summer, at the Ribe Viking Museum, both children and adults can take a peek into the Viking wardrobe and learn how the Vikings dressed. Grab a bingo card at the ticket counter and go on a clothing bingo adventure in the exhibition. Find all the clothing items and dress the Viking in the finest Viking fashion. If you fill up your bingo card, you can win a prize.

Afterwards, you can draw your very own stylish Viking, inspired by your bingo card, and even dress up as a Viking and take fun photos! All this takes place in Asgård on the museum’s first floor.

Explore the exhibition

With your bingo card in hand, you will go on an adventure through the exhibitions. Can you put together a complete outfit on your bingo card?

Praktisk information

Period From June 29th to August 11th, 2024
Time During the museum's opening hours
AgeApproximately 6-12 years old (all children are welcome)