There are experiences to pick up for the whole family. Come with us to the Viking Age and the Middle Ages!

The Ribe Viking Museum is full of both objects and experiences, and this summer our children's activity sends the whole family through our Viking Age exhibition on a time travel that focuses on the fact that there may not be much difference in the way we live and the everyday life that was the Vikings'.

You can also take part in the Viking children's quiz, where there are prizes up for grabs from 5 July to 13 August.

Be a child in  IN THE MIDDLE AGES
Our hands on exhibition "Dagmar and Valdemar" is worth a visit for those who want to play in a medieval universe. Here, both adults and children can put on suits and go into the kitchen or throw themselves into a knight tournament.

Should there also be a need for a quiet moment, everyone can take a break leaning on the Midgard Serpent, which has settled into the exhibition "Asgard", which is filled with books and runes and where the breathtaking cartoon "The Foresaying of the Vault" tells about the oldest times.