16/10 - 24/10

Children's activity during the autumn holidays.

Come and draw your own coat of arms and take part in a competition where we draw lots for medieval prizes from the shop.

In the Middle Ages, every self-respecting knight wore a coat of arms.
He used it on his shield, his flag, his armor suits, the horse's blanket, as an indoor decoration on his castle and many other places.

Each noble family had its color and motif. Eg. the Danish king had three blue lions with crowns on and nine red hearts on a gold-colored background.

What colors and motifs do you want to use to tell about yourself?

Get inspiration for flags and coats of arms in the special exhibition about Dannebrog or in the activity exhibition "Dagmar and Valdemar", where you can also play knight in a deadly tournament or look after Dagmar's son in the fine queen's room.