The Viking City - from 28 June 2022

The history of Scandinavia's oldest trading town is rewritten.

In 2017-2018, the Museums of Southwest Jutland, together with researchers from Aarhus University and supported by the Carlsberg Foundation, carried out a major excavation in the heart of the “emporium” - ie. the trading post in Ribe from the 700s and 800s.

The excavation provided, for the first time, the opportunity to uncover a large area of ​​the city's deepest layers with lots of finds.
It was also the first time archaeologists were given the chance to exploit a number of new scientific methods.

The excavation yielded many amazing finds but also new knowledge that has given us a new story about Ribe's earliest history and about the beginning of the Viking Age.

See the new findings, get the new story and listen as the researchers themselves tell about the methods that have changed the story of Scandinavia's oldest trading town.


The City of the Vikings has its first ordinary opening day on 28 June.
The exhibition is supported by the Carlsberg Foundation and is based on research results from the Northern Emporium project.

The pictures:

Remnant of Denmark's oldest known string instrument, the Ribe lyre. Photo: SJM

The comb is not made in Denmark but comes from the high North and proves connections far away. Photo: Northern Emporium

Archaeologists found lots of beads! Some of them were made with a glass technique that requires chemical knowledge at a much higher level than we previously thought the bead makers in Ribe had. Photo: SJM

The new insights have, among other things, come through lots of analyzes - here it is archaeobotanist Peter Mose Jensen from Moesgaard Museum who is working. Photo: Northern Emporium