Dannebrog - From King to Clapping Hat

Dannebrog turns 800 in 2019, and we mark this with a special exhibition. The exhibition can be seen from April 6th.

If the legend of the Dannebrog is to be believed, it fell into the arms of the king’s bishop, Anders Sunesen. It then went on to become the king’s flag.

Today we - the Danes, use the Dannebrog everywhere.
We fly it at birthdays and funerals, and when the Queen pays a visit.
We decorate our gateaux and Christmas trees with flags, and wear the red and white colours when we watch sportspersons competing on behalf of Denmark.
When Danish ships sail, they display the Dannebrog flag, and all special offer catalogues are decorated with the flag.

The exhibition tells the story of how the king’s flag became national heritage.